[About the firm]

About the firm

         TransEko was set up in April 2003 and is specializing in transportation engineering. The firm carry out projects and transportation studies for local and central governments and private sector TransEko cooperates with well-experienced experts in the field of transportation engineering, economics and natural environment protection.
        Since February 2006 TransEko has become a partner of PTV AG from Karlsruhe, and offers professional customer support and software purchase (Visum, Vissim).

TransEko was set up by Andrzej Brzezinski, Tomasz Dybicz and Piotr Szagala.

The whole name of the firm: TRANSEKO Brzezinski, Dybicz, Szagala Partner Company
Adress: 00-656 Warszawa, ul. Śniadeckich 20/13
e-mail: biuro@transeko.pl